Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mother and Child Photos are Beautiful Keepsakes

This photo shoot set is just simply beautiful! From the mom to the baby... Love love love! Tender and sweet and simple - what I love to do. Hoping they will treasure this forever :) I sure will. I can totally imagine these photos on a wall in their home, priceless mother and child photographs to last a lifetime.

Maternity Shoot Manila: Mason is coming!

Met this lovely couple prior and was super excited to plan their maternity photography shoot because we wanted to do a styled shoot setup with She Dreams In Ink - who is my regular props stylist. We opted for a country chic theme armed with the cutest props and outfits!
Little Mason is one lucky baby - his parents are the sweetest people and super excited to meet him :)
The maternity photos came out beautifully and I am thrilled to share them with you.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Manila Newborn Photography

Haven't been posting in awhile, lots of things happening - moved houses in the middle of it all.
This little newborn baby gave me some amazing newborn photos! She was perfect all the way.
I love simple - simple baby JOY.


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Manila Newborn Baby Photography: Some teeny tiny loveliness

Manila Newborn Baby Photography
Little A Newborn Photo: 12 days new
Mommy was super excited for this newborn shoot. Little A was excited too that she decided to come out a few days early! She was such a good sleeper during her newborn photography session and her big brother was such a tender big brother too! I  really enjoyed using some new props on her and glad that her mom loved my ideas :) what a breath of sunshine on an otherwise gloomy/rainy day.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Child Photography Before and After: Enhancing your images (mind first)

Shooting kids outdoors is not a joke, toddlers especially lose interest pretty quickly so a child photographer needs to be quick and to think quicker. A siblings shoot is even more difficult. Getting a toddler and a baby to sit in one area for you to take a couple of shots takes nothing short of magic at times. Choosing an area to shoot is also not always ideal, but you gotta make do and have a vision in mind for your output. 

With this photo, the sky was clear and not a cloud was in sight but I knew that wouldn't stop me. I made sure my exposure was correct (no blown highlights).
Then I used some photoshop actions to lighten it up and give it better color and adjusted the skin tones to my liking and added some clouds as well to improve the overall image. I would have wanted to have a bit more light reflection on their faces though to lighten the shadows a bit more on the younger brother's face, but had to move fast 'coz big brother was running around. Anyhow, I'm pretty happy with the result and mommy was thrilled - that's what matters most ;)

                         BEFORE                                           AFTER
manila child photographer

Camera settings: ISO 160, F4, 1/320
Canon Mark III, 700-200 2.8 IS

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Home Service Family Portraits Manila: Hong Kong Baby Photography

There is nothing I love more than GREAT Home Lighting. Big windows are MAGIC for a photographer and these lovely parents had a dream window in their apartment for me to shoot with. I would rather shoot natural light than strobes any time, so I was delighted to have this chance. It also helped that it was raining outside and the fog in Hong Kong was pretty thick that day - so it gave me a natural and beautiful diffused light. This gorgeous little love bug was all smiles for me and we had so much fun together. Loved this family to pieces :)
Baby Photographer Manila

Just because Stork has STUDIO in it's name doesn't mean that I only shoot studio setups - in fact more often than not, I'm outside shooting or in clients homes or apartments, on location or whatnot. A PROfessional photographer goes everywhere :) It's just finding the right light mix and willing families who want to try something new. 

There were so many great photos in this set, I can't choose what is my fave! Which one is yours?

Manila Family Portraits

Monday, June 17, 2013

Manila Newborn Photography: Rollllssss

There is nothing I love more about shooting newborns than their baby rolls! 
Check this little cuties out :) gosh... I loooove cuddling with 'em!!